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Highlight of the day…fashion show and PIE

Ah yes, the world of insurance.  Today, I rushed to finish up paperwork for the monthly audit I’m going through tomorrow.  (As an aside, why is it that I always put this off until the last possible second?  Anyway…).  Because of this, I was inside the office for the most part until around lunchtime.  At 1:00pm I headed over to…..

The BEST Chocolate pie on the planet


Jealous much?


Pie, of the chocolate variety, with Doug and Joe was on tap.  Seriously, it’s the best pie money can buy.  ***Not better than my wife’s coconut cream pie though…sweetie I love you!***  Have you ever been to Monument?  Of course you have.  If you haven’t been in a while you need to head back over.  They have a great beer garden now and a farmer’s market…both excellent…so check them out!  Aside from the fact that I think the other patrons were offended by my eating the pie with my fingers…I think it was a very lively and joyous crowd in there.

After Pie, I headed back to the office and had a 30 minute conversation/meeting with Bentley Martin.  Bentley and I discussed insurance, work, business, our faith, and politics.  Not bad for a 30 minute meeting huh??  That is pretty much on par for us.  If you don’t know Bentley…he is a great guy.   I call him the Grand Pooba of Cottonwood Shores.  Why?  Well..ask him!

I decided, around 4:15, to take a stroll around the square.  Here is what I saw:


Back to the Future??

Go shopping on the square NOW!


It's 5 o'clock somewhere!


Our square is such a neat place…isn’t it?


So, anyway, the square was nice today…not too busy, but the weather was great and everyone was busy going about business.  There were a few pic-nic-ing couples on the lawn of the courthouse this afternoon even!

After work, I got on the bike and headed home.  Guess what I got???  My girls put on a fashion show for us.  I realize that this kind of thing won’t be happening forever.  I know that the times they allow me to dance with them…sing with them…read with them…will eventually give way to other things as they get older.  I am so blessed to be able to share in experiences like that.  Absolutely perfect.

On the business front, today was a successful day.  I quoted and helped a family switch from Farmers Insurance over to us.  We saved them a ton of money AND increased their coverages dramatically.  That was both exciting and scary all at once.  Exciting that I made some new friends today.  Exciting that I was able to help them as much as I did.  Scary that people still sell minimum coverages to those who need MUCH more.  My work was done!  🙂

Tomorrow should be a very full day.  Networking, quoting, walking around the square.  Just a normal day around here I suppose.  Oh, while you are at it, go see our friends at Georgetown, TX Fun and Events on Facebook.  They are a great resource for events and fun happenings on the Historic Georgetown Square.





I love dollar priced items

Ask anyone…I freaking love dollar bins.  I do, I admit it.  I love the dollar store in Georgetown (Dollar Tree and Dollar General), I love the places on the square who have mega sales constantly, and I love the dollar bin at Target in Georgetown.  As a matter of fact, I have actually dreamed about it.  Not to get too detailed, but the dream had something to do with the dollar bin, a lasso, and a rainstorm…but I digress.

Every other Monday, I take our 7 year old (Caroline) to horse riding lessons at Kelly’s Kids in Georgetown… (512) 863-7649…  Normally, I stay and watch her.  Tonight though, I needed an excuse to get our younger daughter (Michaela) out of the house.  She was in one of those 5 year old whiny moods.  So, how do I do that?  How do I convince a 5 year old to go out in the heat with me?


Okay, sorry… my bad.

Michaela loves her some Target Dollar Bins

So, off we trekked.  If you have never browsed the dollar bin at Target, you sure are missing out.  You can find pretty much everything you ever needed.  Paper, pencils, notebooks, crunch n much (yes, that’s right), and socks.  You can find single packaged diapers, lotion, chapstick, combs, and so many other things.  Tonight though, it was special.  Tonight, Michaela…sweet Michaela…found THIS:

Silly FREAKING Putty

Have you ever had one of those moments where the world just seemed right?  Yes, it was one of those moments.  “Daddy, what is Silly Putty?”  “Ohhhh…sweetie….the question is not what IS Silly Putty…the question is what is it NOT”.

So, the next time someone makes fun of you for liking frugal pleasures..just let them know all they can do at a dollar bin  🙂


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