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Thoughts from a motorcycle…

Many of you know I am the proud owner and driver of a 2001 Honda Shadow 750.  I love it!  I purchased it this summer from our friend Zac.  To be quite honest, I still can’t believe that I was finally able to talk my wife into agreeing to the purchase, crazy!!  Probably one of the best father’s day presents I’ve ever received…and it was a steal!



I had to take it today to finish up my registration and title transfer.  Did you know that you actually have to finish up applications, etc… when you do that?  I’m sure you did…I’m sure I’m the only person in the world that was completely oblivious to this fact.  So…after $400+ dollars in fees for not transferring it soon enough, I’m all legal and good to go.  Whew… I know my wife is happy (not about the $400, but about the fact that I got it done).

Afterward, as I was driving, I started thinking.  Yes, I’ve been told that is a scary thing for me to do, but I was doing it regardless.  The question running through my mind:  What would happen if I wrecked this thing right now and I were gone.  How would my family get by?  What would be said about me after I was gone?  I didn’t think this in a morbid/Emo kind of way…I thought it in a very rational/Daddy kind of way.  OMG I’m that husband and dad aren’t I?  My goodness….

As you know, along with Auto/Home/ and Commercial Insurance…I specialize in Life Insurance.  September is Life Insurance Awareness month…seriously…it is.

Do you have it? If not...why?


I’m currently putting together life insurance packages for 7 or 8 different families.  Each one with different needs/wants/desires/ideas on the future.  The one thing that binds them all together is a love for their family, and a want to protect them in the event of something terrible happening.  Not just that, but the urgency to get it taken care of before something happens that makes them uninsurable.  The old saying goes something like this “No one wants life insurance while they can actually get it…it’s not until they can’t be approved for it that they actually want and need it.”.  It’s the truth…

So, thank you for allowing me to preach in this posting.  If you have it, fantastic..  If you have it and haven’t had it reviewed in a while, let someone review to make sure you are covered appropriately.  If you have it through work there is a very strong chance that you don’t have enough.  If you don’t have it…what is stopping you?  Get with someone to at least discuss the details of price, what it can do for you, etc…



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