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All Things Kids Rocks…and other things on a Saturday

If you live in Georgetown, and you love the square, you have no doubt noticed “All Things Kids”.  It’s located on Main St. between 7th and 8th streets right next to another great shop, Kenz Guitars!  Their website is http://www.allthingskidsusa.com and they also have a very informative facebook fan page…so check them out!

Great place for kids (and adults) on the square!!

If you have kiddos, I would suggest you go to the website and check out their fall class schedule.  Do it now…tell ’em you heard about it here!

We have taken the girls there many times, for events, for magicians, for the cast of “The Wizard of Oz”, and for playing with their awesome toys.  Both Michaela and Caroline give it two pretty girl thumbs up.  As a matter of fact…today would be the PERFECT day to go out and visit them.  So…DO IT!


Saturday thoughts…

1.  I love football.  What is the ONE game today you are excited about seeing?  If you are reading this after the games…what was the one game you most enjoyed today?

2.  I totally rock as a Daddy.  My girls were ready for lunch..wife was out…so what did I do?  THIS is what I did…


from scratch BTW…

3.  Have you been to visit my friends over at Georgetown TX Fun and Events lately?  If not, go!  www.facebook.com/gtownfunandevents

4.  I have two blackberry phones.  Yes, I’m officially that guy.  Why?  One is courtesy of Nationwide Insurance and one is courtesy of the fact that I am a cell phone mass murderer.  I kill them…not even on purpose, it just happens **”He was such a nice/quiet/unassuming young man.  I never thought he would be a cell phone killer!”**

5.  This was a good and busy week.  4 networking events for work, 4 new clients who saved a bunch of money as well as had big time increases in coverage, and I found that the signs for my office may FINALLY be arriving soon.  Yes…it’s been since December.

6.  Along those lines, I met some really good people this week.  As most of you know, one of my main goals is to be a guy who knows someone who can help…no matter what you are looking for.  These people will ALL help me with that.

7.  I’m excited to see the Case McCoy era officially start this afternoon.  Go Horns!  **Okay, Gig ’em Aggies as well… :-)**

8.  What do you think about this Job’s bill the President is pitching?  Do you think it will help unemployment in your area?  Will it help your business grow and expand?  I’m interested in your thoughts…

9.  Finally, be safe today.  It’s Saturday…it’s ACL weekend…its nice outside….all of these add up to a great time, but also the chance of people driving around with alcohol in their system.  Remember what your parents said “It’s not you I’m worried about..it’s everyone else!”

Stay safe,







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