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10 Things I think today…Wednesday October 26th

1.  I’m out of it today.  I’ve worked a lot today…but I just don’t feel like it.  Do you ever have days like that?  Of course you do, even those of you who are judging me right now have them.


2.  My job rocks.  I love it.  Where others are forced to sit around and talk to people (some they like and some they don’t)…I GET to go out and meet people and get to know them.  People call and ask me for advice not just on insurance but a wide range of things.  I like that.  I get satisfaction in knowing I can help…

3.  All drivers should be forced to take a motorcycle driving course.  Everyone should.  Don’t own one and never plan on it?  That’s okay, you still should have to.  Why?  Because it would teach everyone how to drive on a roadway with other motorcyclists.  It will teach you to pay more attention, look where you are driving, to be more cognisant of NOT cutting people off on busy streets, etc…

3 a.  As an aside to that, please don’t tail me (or any other motorcyclist).  Not only is it rude, it’s incredibly dangerous.  Why in the heck would you think it’s okay to get right up behind someone on a motorcycle?  If you think that person is going to slowly…go around him/her.

3 b.  Motorcyclists.  WAVE.

4.  I’m irritated at Itunes right now.  I plugged my Ipad in to sync and it stated there was new software for it.  I was excited!  It still hasn’t loaded and keeps freezing up.  Grrr.  You tease me with new greatness yet you refuse to let me sniff at it.  This is what happens when Steve Jobs is gone??  Come on man!


5.  Wait, the Rangers made the playoffs?

6.  I don’t like the Longhorn Network.  Of course that is amusing since I’ve NEVER ACTUALLY WATCHED IT.  The Texas v. Kansas game is on it this weekend and yet again us Longhorn fans are out in the cold.  Sheesh.

7.  This is a great week and weekend to get out to the square here in Georgetown.  Why?  Why not?  Someone the other day told me “there are too many old people out there…it’s not any fun”.  Well, you know one way to fix that?  Come out!  Hit up All Things Kids with your kiddos, go by Book Pride to get a book or 7, go outfit your little girls at Poppy Tots.  Not with kids?  Stop by the Beer Garden at Monument Cafe or head over to Wildfire.  Don’t forget to stop by and get an insurance quote from me tho 😉

8.  I’m wanting to start video blogging as well.  I think that should be fun.  I think I want to use someone other than me though to be in the spots.  The goal is to increase awareness…not scare the awareness away.

9.  I’m not sure what I’m going to be for Halloween.  I think I’ve narrowed it down to:



10.  Is it Friday yet?  🙂




Oh, what a beautiful morning….

It’s nice outside today.  The air is crisp and clean.  These kinds of days are great when riding the bike.  If I didn’t have what will be possibly the busiest day of my life ahead I might consider just riding….

This morning, as I parked my bike, this thing was on my arm…

Sweet Innocent Bee

I didn’t realize it was there but I felt something burning or stinging on my arm.  For a second I thought that maybe I had accidentally brushed the tailpipe on the bike as I got off.  (Not sure how I would have done it, but come on, I was looking for explanations..)  I looked down and boom, this bee is on my arm going to town.  Freaking bee.

Now, this bee is dead.


I hope it was worth it you little bastard.

Okay, so anyway, here is to a great rest of the morning.  I may update you on my impending insanity that today will surely force upon me.  I know one thing, it will turn out better than it did for Mr. Bee.



Lazy Saturday…

Alyson left for Minnesota yesterday so this weekend has been of the Daddy/daughters fare.  Right now the girls are resting and relaxing after a busy day at their Gigi and Papa’s house and I’m watching some football.  Of course, just when I say that, the Longhorns throw an interception…so maybe I should just keep my mouth (fingers typing) shut.


Anyway, enough of that…this is supposed to be a happy day.  My goals to accomplish before Alyson gets home tomorrow evening:

  • Screw in the radio that is supposed to go underneath the kitchen cabinets
  • Clean the ENTIRE house
  • Pull up the little tree growing on the side of the house
  • Shave… (hey, it’s the little things)
Hook ’em!

An ode to a great….marker

Name:  Red Expo Dry Erase Marker

DOB:  Spring 2011

DEATH:  10/05/2011

Cause of death:  Red’s owner worked him too hard.  Red expired before it was really his time.

You will be missed

For those of you who never were lucky enough to be in the presence of Red…he was re-marker-able.  He worked tirelessly in my insurance agency, daily marking successes associated with us.  It was a shock and all of us (Josh, Green, Orange, Black, and Purple) will deeply miss him.  He was the loudest in the office (he and Purple shared screaming back and forth with their banter consistently) but he was also the one marker in the set that worked from dusk till dawn.

I remember when I first got him.  He was part of a set, yet from the very first moment I took him out of the package…he shined…quickly rising to the top of his class.

Red is survived by his brothers Red and his sisters Purple and Pink.


Just another day on the square…

Wow, the weather has really changed hasn’t it?  I mean, we aren’t exactly Antarctica yet…but we haven’t reached the 90s today!


Wait, if it’s so nice out…why the heck is my office so freaking hot lately??  I need to get with Steve downstairs.  Anyway…

It’s been an interesting start to the week for me.  So far, October…barely 3 days old…has been busier than all of September combined.  Strange how that works.  Strange also how my business and industry works.  People now days are shopping their insurance more and more.  In the past, these would have been the slow months…up until the holidays.  Just when you think you have something figured out…life goes and throws in a few kinks.

Going with a random kind of theme…right now im on day 5 of not shaving.  Who knows how long that will last.  I really wanted to show you a picture, but I think the beard destroyed the camera on the ipad…so maybe I will upload that tonight 🙂

Speaking of which…if you are shopping (for insurance not beard clippers) give me a shot.




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