Oh, what a beautiful morning….

It’s nice outside today.  The air is crisp and clean.  These kinds of days are great when riding the bike.  If I didn’t have what will be possibly the busiest day of my life ahead I might consider just riding….

This morning, as I parked my bike, this thing was on my arm…

Sweet Innocent Bee

I didn’t realize it was there but I felt something burning or stinging on my arm.  For a second I thought that maybe I had accidentally brushed the tailpipe on the bike as I got off.  (Not sure how I would have done it, but come on, I was looking for explanations..)  I looked down and boom, this bee is on my arm going to town.  Freaking bee.

Now, this bee is dead.


I hope it was worth it you little bastard.

Okay, so anyway, here is to a great rest of the morning.  I may update you on my impending insanity that today will surely force upon me.  I know one thing, it will turn out better than it did for Mr. Bee.




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