Monday mornings are super cool

Look, I’m not going to start a blog post discussing how much I loathe Monday mornings.  How boring would that be?  I betcha anything you can look through your blog roll list and find 100 other blogs RIGHT NOW about how the blogger despises Monday mornings.  Whatever.  Monday mornings rock.  Those of you crying about this morning…. this is for you:

So...sad 😦


No, today is awesome and here are a few reasons why:

1.  Things haven’t had a chance to pile up on my desk!

2.  I’m always in better shape physically Monday morning than I am Friday afternoon.  Seriously… 🙂

3.  People are less likely to get into accidents on Monday morning than any other morning of the week.  For an insurance agent, this is like listening to a band of angels playing heavenly music.

4.  My daughters are in a pretty good mood in the morning… woohoo!  No sibling fighting!

5.  I love going through junk email Monday mornings.  Call me crazy…but I feel loved.

6.  Who doesn’t love Monday Night Football?

7.  I come up with some crazy hip hop beats usually around 9:30am on Monday mornings.  Okay, not really..but I can beat box up a storm.

8.  My hair still looks really good at this point.

9.  My wife, who is always supremely hot so it should go without saying, is supremely hot Monday mornings as well.

10.  And finally, I know that I have a chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life on a day that most hate.

Have a great day today.  If you need something, hit me up.




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