Thanksgiving and Muppets

Good morning!  Wow, it was cold riding the bike this morning.  I think my fingers almost fell off…actually froze off may be more appropriate.  That is what happens when you wait and wait and wait to get appropriate riding gear!  The gloves I have “breathe”.  That’s great during the summer…when we are sweltering but it’s pretty terrible at the end of November when it’s 33 degress out!



This should be a very busy week!  I’m excited about that.  In the insurance world, the week after Thanksgiving tends to be fairly busy.  That’s good because from that point on…probably until the second week of January…it’s absolutely dead.  This is our slow time of the year…our “let’s go out and do training!” time of the year.  I know, you can just see my exciting jumping through the screen can’t you?  Here are a few of the things I MUST get done this week:

— 5 new clients.  I must obtain 5 new clients

— finalize the list of people who are in the running for the office give away…the Ipad 2!

— Network.  I have two or three networking meetings I need to attend.  Anyone wanna join?

— Help finish up our church youth group’s plan for raising money for our mission trip this next year.


Not too bad, but these things will take up the majority of my work time.  Wanna do it for me?  🙂



Thanksgiving this year was a good one.  We are very blessed as a family.  We are all healthy, we all have enough food to eat, we all have appropriate clothing (sans the riding gloves I need!), and we are blessed enough to be able to give back to our community and church.  What else could we possibly ask for?

On Friday, Alyson and I took the girls to see the new Muppet Movie at “City Lights”.  When I first saw that the movie was coming out, I very much wanted to take the girls to see it.  I, like many who grew up in the 80’s, grew up with the Muppets.  We would watch the Television show, we would watch their specials, we would get their memorabilia, go watch their movies, sing their songs, etc…  For kids at least, they were bigger than anything else and we all loved them.  Even those of us who considered ourselves too cool for them loved to sneak a peak at what they were doing.

So, there I sat in the theatre…my wife of almost 10 years on one side, one of my daughters on the other…and the other daughter, Michaela, sitting in my lap.  Now, I make fun of my dad quite a bit for being a “softy”.  Heck, he cried at the movie trailer of “Saving Private Ryan”!  I now officially have zero room to talk.

The movie was about the fact that over the years the Muppets have left the public eye.  This new generation of kids has no clue who they are.  Kids these days would rather watch idiotic reality shows, play mindless and bloody video games, and  “sophisticated” 3D movies.  Muppets are too wholesome, too boring, sing stupid songs, etc…  The movie follows them as they try to save their precious Muppet theatre from an evil oil baron who would rather tear it down to drill for oil (who cares if it’s goofy….and drilling for oil in Los Angeles makes little sense!).  So, the Muppets all get back together to throw one last hurrah (a telethon) to raise 10 million dollars.

It was a typical Muppet movie.  Funny and heart-warming moments and a bunch of musical numbers.

Toward the end, they are doing the telethon, and Piggy and Kermit decide to make amends and stop fighting… they go out and do “one last duet”.  So, the curtain comes up, Kermit and the others are sitting on a log and Kermit starts singing “Why are their so many…songs about rainbows….”

So, I have Michaela who is five years old clapping and saying “I love them…”, I’m holding my wife’s hand, and I just start crying.  What the heck.  Not like sobbing, loud obnoxious crying..don’t worry…but the tears rolling down my face kind.  Something just hit me I guess.  The last time I sat in a theatre watching one of their movies was when I was probably 7 or 8 years old…and now here I was watching it with my own children.

Okay, now that you are done mocking me…. 🙂

It’s time for work.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and week.  If you need something…you know how to reach me!




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