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Today, I submit to you my lunch….



Now, you may say “Josh, you need to eat more than that…”  and you might be right.  I’m probably just over-compensating for the fact that last night I had the following in a 3 hours period:


— Spaghetti and Meatballs

— One Truffle

— TWO popcorn balls (ugh)

— 6 deviled eggs

— at least a dozen trix crackers with this kick butt spread on them that Alyson made

— At least the equivalent of 2 Dr. Pepper cans


This morning, drinking my coffee, I felt it.  Then Alyson asked me if I wanted to take some leftovers to the office.  That is when I opted for the little oranges.  (Yes, I know they have another name…but I think little oranges sounds better…)




Some of the things I love about my wife

I have a great wife.  I really do.  It’s not just that she is a great mommy to our little girls…but she is a great wife.  I thought I would start off this morning by listing a few of the reasons I believe this to be true!  (in no particular order)

  • She is excellent at staying on track.  It’s very difficult to push her off of her list or set of goals.  We need that…
  • She will text me in the middle of the day, for no reason, just to say I love you…
  • She HATES to be tickled.  (Thank goodness…who really does like this anyway??)
  • She has the perfect smile.
  • She dismisses her own, and lavishes praise on mine…but she has beautiful eyes.
  • Whether it’s first thing in the morning…or late late at night, she always looks amazing.
  • She can look at me and know instantly what kind of mood I’m in.  She knows me…
  • She supports the fact that I’m self employed.
  • She rocks the Sequence!
  • She likes to hold my hand while we are walking places.  I love that…
  • Even when she isn’t feeling all that great, or in the mood to be social, she will put up with my constant chatter.
  • She doesnt’ do neck massages, but she can scratch my scalp and instantly take away a headache.
  • She doesn’t really like doing that…but she will any time I ask.
  • She is a very loyal friend to those who know her.
  • She wants me to succeed in whatever it is I do…not because it benefits her…but because she wants ME to succeed.
  • She is an excellent kisser.
  • We used to have this thing where we would throw up the “I love you” sign as we were parting ways.
  • We still do it to this day.
  • She gives me this big, amazing hug every single morning when we get up.  It’s easily my favorite part of the day.  It’s usually in the kitchen…
  • When push came to shove (literally speaking I  might add) she choose me over THEM.
  • She cried tears of joy as she walked down the isle, in the little chapel in Round Rock, before we said I do.
  • She didn’t make fun of me for crying as well.
  • Even though we had a 1980’s limo and the limo driver reminded us of the attendant from Ferris…she didn’t complain at all 😉
  • She has put up with more than most would in order to be with me.

She is an amazing woman.  If you don’t know her, maybe you will get to meet her someday.  She is a very special person.  This December 22nd will be our 10th anniversary.  We’ve had really high highs…and really low lows (sheesh that’s cliche…but it’s true) and she has stuck by my side even during times where she probably didn’t want to.

I love her very much.

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