Today, I submit to you my lunch….



Now, you may say “Josh, you need to eat more than that…”  and you might be right.  I’m probably just over-compensating for the fact that last night I had the following in a 3 hours period:


— Spaghetti and Meatballs

— One Truffle

— TWO popcorn balls (ugh)

— 6 deviled eggs

— at least a dozen trix crackers with this kick butt spread on them that Alyson made

— At least the equivalent of 2 Dr. Pepper cans


This morning, drinking my coffee, I felt it.  Then Alyson asked me if I wanted to take some leftovers to the office.  That is when I opted for the little oranges.  (Yes, I know they have another name…but I think little oranges sounds better…)




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