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Today, I submit to you my lunch….



Now, you may say “Josh, you need to eat more than that…”  and you might be right.  I’m probably just over-compensating for the fact that last night I had the following in a 3 hours period:


— Spaghetti and Meatballs

— One Truffle

— TWO popcorn balls (ugh)

— 6 deviled eggs

— at least a dozen trix crackers with this kick butt spread on them that Alyson made

— At least the equivalent of 2 Dr. Pepper cans


This morning, drinking my coffee, I felt it.  Then Alyson asked me if I wanted to take some leftovers to the office.  That is when I opted for the little oranges.  (Yes, I know they have another name…but I think little oranges sounds better…)




Some of the things I love about my wife

I have a great wife.  I really do.  It’s not just that she is a great mommy to our little girls…but she is a great wife.  I thought I would start off this morning by listing a few of the reasons I believe this to be true!  (in no particular order)

  • She is excellent at staying on track.  It’s very difficult to push her off of her list or set of goals.  We need that…
  • She will text me in the middle of the day, for no reason, just to say I love you…
  • She HATES to be tickled.  (Thank goodness…who really does like this anyway??)
  • She has the perfect smile.
  • She dismisses her own, and lavishes praise on mine…but she has beautiful eyes.
  • Whether it’s first thing in the morning…or late late at night, she always looks amazing.
  • She can look at me and know instantly what kind of mood I’m in.  She knows me…
  • She supports the fact that I’m self employed.
  • She rocks the Sequence!
  • She likes to hold my hand while we are walking places.  I love that…
  • Even when she isn’t feeling all that great, or in the mood to be social, she will put up with my constant chatter.
  • She doesnt’ do neck massages, but she can scratch my scalp and instantly take away a headache.
  • She doesn’t really like doing that…but she will any time I ask.
  • She is a very loyal friend to those who know her.
  • She wants me to succeed in whatever it is I do…not because it benefits her…but because she wants ME to succeed.
  • She is an excellent kisser.
  • We used to have this thing where we would throw up the “I love you” sign as we were parting ways.
  • We still do it to this day.
  • She gives me this big, amazing hug every single morning when we get up.  It’s easily my favorite part of the day.  It’s usually in the kitchen…
  • When push came to shove (literally speaking I  might add) she choose me over THEM.
  • She cried tears of joy as she walked down the isle, in the little chapel in Round Rock, before we said I do.
  • She didn’t make fun of me for crying as well.
  • Even though we had a 1980’s limo and the limo driver reminded us of the attendant from Ferris…she didn’t complain at all 😉
  • She has put up with more than most would in order to be with me.

She is an amazing woman.  If you don’t know her, maybe you will get to meet her someday.  She is a very special person.  This December 22nd will be our 10th anniversary.  We’ve had really high highs…and really low lows (sheesh that’s cliche…but it’s true) and she has stuck by my side even during times where she probably didn’t want to.

I love her very much.

Thanksgiving and Muppets

Good morning!  Wow, it was cold riding the bike this morning.  I think my fingers almost fell off…actually froze off may be more appropriate.  That is what happens when you wait and wait and wait to get appropriate riding gear!  The gloves I have “breathe”.  That’s great during the summer…when we are sweltering but it’s pretty terrible at the end of November when it’s 33 degress out!



This should be a very busy week!  I’m excited about that.  In the insurance world, the week after Thanksgiving tends to be fairly busy.  That’s good because from that point on…probably until the second week of January…it’s absolutely dead.  This is our slow time of the year…our “let’s go out and do training!” time of the year.  I know, you can just see my exciting jumping through the screen can’t you?  Here are a few of the things I MUST get done this week:

— 5 new clients.  I must obtain 5 new clients

— finalize the list of people who are in the running for the office give away…the Ipad 2!

— Network.  I have two or three networking meetings I need to attend.  Anyone wanna join?

— Help finish up our church youth group’s plan for raising money for our mission trip this next year.


Not too bad, but these things will take up the majority of my work time.  Wanna do it for me?  🙂



Thanksgiving this year was a good one.  We are very blessed as a family.  We are all healthy, we all have enough food to eat, we all have appropriate clothing (sans the riding gloves I need!), and we are blessed enough to be able to give back to our community and church.  What else could we possibly ask for?

On Friday, Alyson and I took the girls to see the new Muppet Movie at “City Lights”.  When I first saw that the movie was coming out, I very much wanted to take the girls to see it.  I, like many who grew up in the 80’s, grew up with the Muppets.  We would watch the Television show, we would watch their specials, we would get their memorabilia, go watch their movies, sing their songs, etc…  For kids at least, they were bigger than anything else and we all loved them.  Even those of us who considered ourselves too cool for them loved to sneak a peak at what they were doing.

So, there I sat in the theatre…my wife of almost 10 years on one side, one of my daughters on the other…and the other daughter, Michaela, sitting in my lap.  Now, I make fun of my dad quite a bit for being a “softy”.  Heck, he cried at the movie trailer of “Saving Private Ryan”!  I now officially have zero room to talk.

The movie was about the fact that over the years the Muppets have left the public eye.  This new generation of kids has no clue who they are.  Kids these days would rather watch idiotic reality shows, play mindless and bloody video games, and  “sophisticated” 3D movies.  Muppets are too wholesome, too boring, sing stupid songs, etc…  The movie follows them as they try to save their precious Muppet theatre from an evil oil baron who would rather tear it down to drill for oil (who cares if it’s goofy….and drilling for oil in Los Angeles makes little sense!).  So, the Muppets all get back together to throw one last hurrah (a telethon) to raise 10 million dollars.

It was a typical Muppet movie.  Funny and heart-warming moments and a bunch of musical numbers.

Toward the end, they are doing the telethon, and Piggy and Kermit decide to make amends and stop fighting… they go out and do “one last duet”.  So, the curtain comes up, Kermit and the others are sitting on a log and Kermit starts singing “Why are their so many…songs about rainbows….”

So, I have Michaela who is five years old clapping and saying “I love them…”, I’m holding my wife’s hand, and I just start crying.  What the heck.  Not like sobbing, loud obnoxious crying..don’t worry…but the tears rolling down my face kind.  Something just hit me I guess.  The last time I sat in a theatre watching one of their movies was when I was probably 7 or 8 years old…and now here I was watching it with my own children.

Okay, now that you are done mocking me…. 🙂

It’s time for work.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and week.  If you need something…you know how to reach me!



I can almost smell the pumpkin pie…

Okay, it’s Monday…Thanksgiving week.  Just a few more days until we gorge ourselves with Turkey, Pie, Stuffing, and other assortments of fattening items.  Excited?  Here are a few fun facts about Turkey Day…

Did you know:

1.  Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second monday of October….in Canada?  Crazy Canadians!

2.   Sarah Josepha Hale, an editor with a magazine, started a Thanksgiving campaign in 1827 and it was result of her efforts that in 1863 Thanksgiving was observed as a day for national thanksgiving and prayer.  Crazy…a Prayer?  😉

3.  Hate Black Friday?  Now you know who to blame…   President Franklin D. Roosevelt restored Thursday before last of November as Thanksgiving Day in the year 1939. He did so to make the Christmas shopping season longer and thus stimulate the economy of the state.

4.  Those crazy founding fathers….  Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. But it was Thomas Jefferson who opposed him. It is believed that Franklin then named the male turkey as ‘tom’ to spite Jefferson.

5.  In 2007, the average American ate 17.5 pounds of turkey.

6.  YUCK

7.  Turkeys’ heads change colors when they become excited.

8.  If you want to know if a cranberry is ripe then all you need to do it throw it at the ground and measure how high it bounces. As long as it bounces higher than four inches it is ready to be picked.

9.  Cranberry sauce is nasty.

10.  Part of the reason that Swanson started creating T.V. Dinners in 1953 was because they needed to find something to do with 260 tons of frozen turkeys that were left over from Thanksgiving.

11.  The first American Company to sponsor a Thanksgiving Day Parade was Gimbel’s Department Stores. The parade first took place in 1920 in the city of Philadelphia, Pa.

12.  History recounts that the Pilgrims really didn’t wear funny hats we see on them in re-enactments

I be a pilgrim stupd!

13. Screw history!


Insurance tip of the day:

To go along with the Thanksgiving theme:  In the U.S. we like to fry everything…turkey’s are no exception.  If you are deep-frying your turkey this holiday season, here are a few precautions you should take to ensure you have a safe and fun time with the family!

— Deep fry at least 10 feet from the house…and do it OUTSIDE.

— Keep children as far away as possible.

— Wear some sort of protective CLOTH glove.  Please don’t wear dish washing rubber gloves…sheesh.

— Remember, that grease stays hot for a LONG time.

— Make sure you don’t leave the fryer unattended.  The last thing you need is someone else’s child burning themselves.

— If a grease fire does not throw water on it to put it out.  Unless you have 5 pounds of baking soda (if you do…why?) make sure to have a fire extinguisher available.


Kinda chilly this morning on the Square

Good morning!  How do you like this weather?  I know…if you are like most of us Texans you would trade the chill in the air for some nice liquid precipitation no?  For those of you who have forgotten…liquid precipitation (in this instance) would mainly be referring to RAIN.  But I digress…

This has been an interesting week.  Interesting in that this new found colder weather has shaken up my normal routine and put me in a bit of a rut.  I’m hoping today I can snap out of it.  Any suggestions?  I have a pile of quotes for insurance to do (we are doing that Ipad 2 drawing at the end of the month!) so that should help quite a bit.  I also need to straighten up the office a bit before I leave today…nothing worse than coming in on a Monday with a messy office!

Right now business is good though.  Nationwide is making a HUGE push in Texas…and that especially helps those of us on the IH35 corridor!  Rates have come down…and will stay down…for some time.  Not only that, but we have new rates coming out very soon on our auto insurance so, if you see me doing some crazy dance up and down Austin Ave. you will know why!

In other news….

The other day I made my way over to 8th street and into Down the Alley Bistro.  Have you been in there lately?  If not, you should!  They have revamped the place entirely.  Now, the entire downstairs is Down the Alley.  They are in the process of a major rehaul and change.  The name is changing, the menu has changed slightly, the entire downstairs is all restaurant.  They will have beer and wine soon, live music, etc…. This is exactly what the square needed and I’m very excited!  Here are a few pictures….

Anyway, I was very impressed and I’m excited about the future of this old/new place to eat…and it’s just down the block from the office!  Don’t get me wrong, I love…LOVE Monument Cafe.  That being said, it will be nice to have another good place here to choose from.  Please go and check it out and support your local businesses.

mmmmm Bacon

Opps…how did that picture get there?  Oh well…that was the awesome Bacon and sun dried tomato pizza I had from their kitchen.  Nice huh?




Insurance Tip of the day:  

Apples to Apples can mean a very bad deal for you…the consumer.  Have you heard the term “Apples to Apples”?  It basically means you want a comparison that is equal to what you currently have…  Doesn’t sound so bad right?  It only seems fair to make sure you are looking at a similar product right?  As an insurance professional, I hear this ALL THE TIME.  Why not?  People have been saying it for years.  When I hear this, my ears perk up and I’m almost immediately skeptical.  Why?

If you are purchasing milk, you want to know that it’s pasteurized.  You want to know that it’s not expired….right?  So, when shopping for milk, you are looking at quality and price.  It makes sense to take, say, Hill Country Fare (HEB brand for those of you not in the Austin area)…and Borden and compare the prices with an “Apples to Apples” comparison.  In the insurance business though, this can be neglectful on the insurance professional’s part.  Not all insurance is created equally.  Not all insurance professionals are created equally.  I will give you an example.

Last week I was quoting a family on their home and auto insurance.  They asked for an “Apples to Apples” quote so they could compare.  Let’s be really honest here.  When you state to your insurance person you want an “Apples to Apples” quote, you aren’t wanting to compare coverages…more times than not you are wanting to compare rates.  You state you want it to be “Apples to Apples” so you can see what your coverages cost at a different company.  Well, this person’s current coverages were terrible!  They were way too low, they were misplaced, and if they were in even the smallest accident there would have been way too high of a deductible and they would have received very little in return!  How did this happen?  The previous insurance agent probably wasn’t a bad guy.  He probably did the same…he probably just quoted that person on what they currently had without reviewing to see whether or not those coverages were actually good coverages.  This happens with “Apples to Apples” comparisons.  Bad or poor coverage goes from policy, to policy, to policy without any regard as to whether or not these coverages are even beneficial to have.

I ended up increasing the individuals coverages, decreasing their deductible by more than half, showing them how to protect their family, and I saved them money…all because I was unwilling to ONLY do Apples to Apples quotes.  Does this mean I won’t do a comparison like that?  No.  I will…but it will never be the only quote I do AND I make sure those who do business with me understand exactly what it is I quoted them what they received.  Not only that, but we will meet once every 6 months to make sure nothing has changed in their lives that would require us to change coverages.

So, the next time you are shopping for insurance, make sure you allow that individual to actually review what you have.  If it sounds fishy…get another opinion.  Never, though, just trust that the last person was looking out for your best interest.  Maybe he was, but keep in mind that we are talking about the safety of your family.

Okay, I’m out…until next time!



Monday mornings are super cool

Look, I’m not going to start a blog post discussing how much I loathe Monday mornings.  How boring would that be?  I betcha anything you can look through your blog roll list and find 100 other blogs RIGHT NOW about how the blogger despises Monday mornings.  Whatever.  Monday mornings rock.  Those of you crying about this morning…. this is for you:

So...sad 😦


No, today is awesome and here are a few reasons why:

1.  Things haven’t had a chance to pile up on my desk!

2.  I’m always in better shape physically Monday morning than I am Friday afternoon.  Seriously… 🙂

3.  People are less likely to get into accidents on Monday morning than any other morning of the week.  For an insurance agent, this is like listening to a band of angels playing heavenly music.

4.  My daughters are in a pretty good mood in the morning… woohoo!  No sibling fighting!

5.  I love going through junk email Monday mornings.  Call me crazy…but I feel loved.

6.  Who doesn’t love Monday Night Football?

7.  I come up with some crazy hip hop beats usually around 9:30am on Monday mornings.  Okay, not really..but I can beat box up a storm.

8.  My hair still looks really good at this point.

9.  My wife, who is always supremely hot so it should go without saying, is supremely hot Monday mornings as well.

10.  And finally, I know that I have a chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life on a day that most hate.

Have a great day today.  If you need something, hit me up.



10 Things I think today…Wednesday October 26th

1.  I’m out of it today.  I’ve worked a lot today…but I just don’t feel like it.  Do you ever have days like that?  Of course you do, even those of you who are judging me right now have them.


2.  My job rocks.  I love it.  Where others are forced to sit around and talk to people (some they like and some they don’t)…I GET to go out and meet people and get to know them.  People call and ask me for advice not just on insurance but a wide range of things.  I like that.  I get satisfaction in knowing I can help…

3.  All drivers should be forced to take a motorcycle driving course.  Everyone should.  Don’t own one and never plan on it?  That’s okay, you still should have to.  Why?  Because it would teach everyone how to drive on a roadway with other motorcyclists.  It will teach you to pay more attention, look where you are driving, to be more cognisant of NOT cutting people off on busy streets, etc…

3 a.  As an aside to that, please don’t tail me (or any other motorcyclist).  Not only is it rude, it’s incredibly dangerous.  Why in the heck would you think it’s okay to get right up behind someone on a motorcycle?  If you think that person is going to slowly…go around him/her.

3 b.  Motorcyclists.  WAVE.

4.  I’m irritated at Itunes right now.  I plugged my Ipad in to sync and it stated there was new software for it.  I was excited!  It still hasn’t loaded and keeps freezing up.  Grrr.  You tease me with new greatness yet you refuse to let me sniff at it.  This is what happens when Steve Jobs is gone??  Come on man!


5.  Wait, the Rangers made the playoffs?

6.  I don’t like the Longhorn Network.  Of course that is amusing since I’ve NEVER ACTUALLY WATCHED IT.  The Texas v. Kansas game is on it this weekend and yet again us Longhorn fans are out in the cold.  Sheesh.

7.  This is a great week and weekend to get out to the square here in Georgetown.  Why?  Why not?  Someone the other day told me “there are too many old people out there…it’s not any fun”.  Well, you know one way to fix that?  Come out!  Hit up All Things Kids with your kiddos, go by Book Pride to get a book or 7, go outfit your little girls at Poppy Tots.  Not with kids?  Stop by the Beer Garden at Monument Cafe or head over to Wildfire.  Don’t forget to stop by and get an insurance quote from me tho 😉

8.  I’m wanting to start video blogging as well.  I think that should be fun.  I think I want to use someone other than me though to be in the spots.  The goal is to increase awareness…not scare the awareness away.

9.  I’m not sure what I’m going to be for Halloween.  I think I’ve narrowed it down to:



10.  Is it Friday yet?  🙂



Oh, what a beautiful morning….

It’s nice outside today.  The air is crisp and clean.  These kinds of days are great when riding the bike.  If I didn’t have what will be possibly the busiest day of my life ahead I might consider just riding….

This morning, as I parked my bike, this thing was on my arm…

Sweet Innocent Bee

I didn’t realize it was there but I felt something burning or stinging on my arm.  For a second I thought that maybe I had accidentally brushed the tailpipe on the bike as I got off.  (Not sure how I would have done it, but come on, I was looking for explanations..)  I looked down and boom, this bee is on my arm going to town.  Freaking bee.

Now, this bee is dead.


I hope it was worth it you little bastard.

Okay, so anyway, here is to a great rest of the morning.  I may update you on my impending insanity that today will surely force upon me.  I know one thing, it will turn out better than it did for Mr. Bee.



Lazy Saturday…

Alyson left for Minnesota yesterday so this weekend has been of the Daddy/daughters fare.  Right now the girls are resting and relaxing after a busy day at their Gigi and Papa’s house and I’m watching some football.  Of course, just when I say that, the Longhorns throw an interception…so maybe I should just keep my mouth (fingers typing) shut.


Anyway, enough of that…this is supposed to be a happy day.  My goals to accomplish before Alyson gets home tomorrow evening:

  • Screw in the radio that is supposed to go underneath the kitchen cabinets
  • Clean the ENTIRE house
  • Pull up the little tree growing on the side of the house
  • Shave… (hey, it’s the little things)
Hook ’em!

An ode to a great….marker

Name:  Red Expo Dry Erase Marker

DOB:  Spring 2011

DEATH:  10/05/2011

Cause of death:  Red’s owner worked him too hard.  Red expired before it was really his time.

You will be missed

For those of you who never were lucky enough to be in the presence of Red…he was re-marker-able.  He worked tirelessly in my insurance agency, daily marking successes associated with us.  It was a shock and all of us (Josh, Green, Orange, Black, and Purple) will deeply miss him.  He was the loudest in the office (he and Purple shared screaming back and forth with their banter consistently) but he was also the one marker in the set that worked from dusk till dawn.

I remember when I first got him.  He was part of a set, yet from the very first moment I took him out of the package…he shined…quickly rising to the top of his class.

Red is survived by his brothers Red and his sisters Purple and Pink.


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